Digital LCD Display Electronic Alarm Clock

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The item is a novelty and multi-functional digital electronic alarm clock, which is powered by 3pcs AAA batteries, and will show you precise time, calender and also support alarm with snooze functions on the large LCD screen for easy to read. When the built-in light sensor is activated, the smart LED backlight of the clock will auto light on/off according to the environmental brightness. With portable design and easy to use, the LED digital alarm clock is ideal for use in bedroom, office, and even your car.


- Shell color: mainly black.
- Shell material: durable hard plastic.
- LED backlight color: white.
- Size (L*W*H): about 13.5*4.5*7.5cm.
- 100% brand new and high quality Novelty Light Sensor White LED Backlight Digital LCD Display Electronic Alarm Clock.
- Support to show you calendar (year, month, date), time (hour, minute) on the large LCD display screen, for easy to read.
- Support alarm and snooze functions.
- Support 12/24-hour format, and
- Built-in LED sensor and white LED backlight: Only to turn on the sensor switch to activate the light sensor, the LED backlight will auto light on/off according to the surrounding environment brightness.
- Press top button for lighting on or snooze.
- Operation buttons on the back for easy to operate:
1. 12/24-hour format optional.
2. Setting button: Lock /Alarm Set /Date Set /Time Set.
3. Alarm ON/OFF switch.
4. Time & Calendar setting: Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute.
5. Light sensor ON/OFF switch.
- Powered by 3 * AAA batteries (not included).
- Very useful alarm clock for time checking during night.
- Portable design and easy to use, ideal for use in car, home, bedroom, office or other places.